YOU ...

  • are looking for access to one of the most dynamically growing markets in Africa, but don't have any contacts?

  • want to improve the communication and negotiations with your partners in Sierra Leone (business or NGO) ?

  • would like to support an upcoming country?

  • need trainings for your staff to prepare them for missions abroad?

  • would like to get supported by a neutral, but critical observer in meetings and negotiations to call attention to difficulties and overcome possible impediments?

After a permanent growing of the Sierra Leone economy until 2014, the economy growth stagnated between 2014 and 2015 because of the Ebola outbreak and the decrease of iron ore prices.

In 2016 economists expect an economic recovery of approx. 8 % again. Market potential for German companies is open up for activities in the agriculture sector (51,4%), the service sector (26,6%) and the industrial sector (22,1%). Special opportunities exist in the sector of waste management. Small waste-to-energy-plants can be a solution for the growing need of energy and to handle the increasing amount of waste.

The country is politically stable and is run by a democratically elected President. Politics are eager to attract the country for foreign investments and therefore create attractive starting positions for business.

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