2015 - 2016 Project manager for Sierra Leone and Liberia at action medeor e.V. in Tönisvorst.
                        August 2016 Training in International health at University of Copenhagen.
                        2014 - 2015 country director at project peanut butter in Freetown.
                        1984 - 2010 responsible for the YMCA partnership between YMCA Stift Quernheim and YMCA Aberdeen / Sierra Leone.
                        2006 - 2017 foundation of the NGO Driving-YMCA-Doctor for Sierra Leone. Since then chairperson of the association.
                        2004 - 2009 Chairperson of the YMCA world service committee in Wuppertal.

I am a biological-technical assistant and an economist by profession and since 2012, I am holding a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Communication.

After working in a microbiology laboratory, I worked for an American NGO as Country Director in Freetown, followed by a position as project manager for Sierra Leone and Liberia for a German NGO.

Since I visited Sierra Leone for the very first time in 1985, I have been working for and in this country. In 2006, I established my own health project together with the YMCA Sierra Leone, a free health care service for pregnant women and children.

(For further information please visit www.driving-ymca-doctor.org)

These and other projects made my business network growing since, so that I got in touch with many influental people, including the Ambassador from Sierra Leone in Berlin, as well as the German Ambassador to Freetown, Sierra Leone.

During the Ebola crisis 2014 I was working in Freetown as country director for an American NGO called Project Peanut Butter. In this function I was responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire production of peanut paste for malnourished children.

Furthermore I attended Task-Force-Meetings at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, where tremendous efforts were made to provide the virus from entering into Sierra Leone.

After being back to Germany, I contributed my expertise to action medeor e.V. as project manager for Sierra Leone and Liberia. I worked towards implementing a new midwifery school in Sierra Leone and also supported a hospital with the reopening after the Ebola crisis. During that time I cooperated with local partners to boost and develop their programs.